The Butchers Disco of Manipulation

On 30th March 2007 the Victoria and Albert Museum in London hosted 'Friday Late', a collection of interactive animation and audio exhibitions and workshops put together by Nexus Productions Ltd.

The Butcher's Disco was an interactive display in the V&A's Tunnel which incorporated a PC projection, sound system and discos lights.

Volunteers lined up to have their digital images captured. The image was mapped onto a virtual reality 3D puppet and manipulated by a surreal butcher character, in the 'Butchers Disco of Manipulation'.

The Butchers - Download 7mb ZIP file. Includes executable, media and help files. PC only

sheep with afro





By Reece Millidge & Stuart Doig

Disco loops - Andrew Jacobs
Disco loops - Daniel Millidge
Disco loops - Tim Way
Butcher model - Jerome Haupert
Butcher rig - Luis San Juan

V&A exhibition
Nexus Productions Ltd.
Additional sponsor - Autodesk
Producer - Beccy McCray
Camera & bodymap operator - Antoine Bourruel

Photos - Jon Millidge
Photos & Web - Sam Jacobs

With Thanks to The V&A

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